Monday, October 27, 2008

Funny Story

I must share a very funny thing that happened at our house today. Funny things happen a lot around here. This particular funny thing involves Lukas Jay.


Lukas arrived home from school and did his usual after school stuff. He ate a few PB and J's, made his sister scream, rode his bike around outside (with no socks, shoes, coat or sweatshirt in 40 degree weather)and sat down to watch "Sid the Science Kid" on PBS. All was well on a Monday afternoon. Hanna had gone down for a nap and Lukas was enjoying the show so I ducked into the laundry room to get a load going. I was in the middle of pre-treating one of Drew's blowout stains when I thought I heard faint crying. I didn't go to check it out immediately since crying isn't all that unusual at our house. The crying continued. Most crying at our house happens as a result of something one sibling has done or said to another. Since Lukas was the only sibling present I decided this crying might need some attention. I walked toward the sound of the crying and found Lukas standing part way down the stairs to the basement. He was leaning over the railing and crying with his hands covering his face. I asked him what he was so sad about and he wouldn't answer me. I went through all the possible reasons he might be crying. "Are you hurt?", I asked. He didn't answer so I asked him, "did you bite your tongue?". He still wasn't spilling it. "Did something scare you?", he shook his head no. Finally after much interrogation he told me in a very quiet and sad voice, "I got a battery stuck up my nose".

ARE YOU KIDDING ME???? I wanted to bust out laughing but knew it would only make him more sad so I did use restraint and held my laughter in. You're probably thinking "what terrible mother would laugh at her child in a situation like this?". Please allow me to fill you in on "the rest of the story". The battery in the child's nose (this is a little round battery from a tiny flashlight by the way, not a AA type battery) was taken away from him by his father only one day prior because he was putting it in his mouth. He got the full lecture about putting things in your mouth and choking hazards and whatnot. I'm not sure why the battery now was in a place that the child could find it, but I can tell you with certainty, he knew he should not have been playing with the battery. I didn't have a lot of sympathy for him to tell you the truth. I did, however, offer to help him get it out.

I could just see the shine of the battery when I peaked in the nostril. I thought there might be a chance I could get the battery out with a tweezers. I didn't want to make matters worse by shoving the battery further into the nostril so I was very careful in my attempt to pull it out. I couldn't get a good grip with the tweezers and had visions of having to take the boy to the doctor to have the stinkin' thing removed. I tried the tweezers a couple more times and still did not have success. Just as I was starting think about how I was going to explain this to our pediatrician who once called me a "good mom", a thought popped into my head. "Maybe he could blow the battery out like one giant booger", I thought. I wadded up some t.p. and told him to blow like he'd never blown before. Surely as the sun shines, that little battery came flying right out on the first blow. "Hallelujah!", I declared. My "good mom" label was safe yet one more day. Lukas bursted into tears as soon as the battery was out. Relief. Mom saved the day.

Later, at the table during dinner, Lukas told the story of the giant battery that jumped up into his nose and how Mom held him down and ripped it out with a sharp instrument. Stories are always better the second time around.

My favorite part was when Derek asked him why he was crying on the stairs about the battery. His answer, "I was afraid Mom would be mad that I was playing with it."

Amen child, amen.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Crazy Fall Photo of Kids....CHECK! attempt at a group shot failed miserably. This was actually the best one I got. Sad. I might have to try again another day. Or, I'll just keep this one to "remember when".

Friday, October 17, 2008


Two months old already....

Drew had his 2 month appointment yesterday. He weighed in at a solid 13 lbs. 6 oz. and was 24 in. long. Interestingly, he was the middle brother for birth weight (Derek: 8 lb. 10 oz., Drew: 8 lb. 12 oz., Lukas: 9 lbs. 6 oz.) and he was right in the middle for the two month check too (Derek: 13 lb. 4 oz., Drew: 13 lb. 6 oz., Lukas: 13 lb. 8 oz.). I just thought that was interesting.

He handled the shots like a champ and so far hasn't really had much in the way of fussiness or reactions...hallelujah.

What a buddy he is. We are down to getting up just once in the night and it's a wonderful thing. We're getting lots of smiles and starting to coo a bit. He really loves it when Hanna sings to him and dances his arms for him. He gets pretty excited when she hugs and kisses him too. Often times he tries to latch on to her face or shoulder! Won't she be surprised when he suckles her nose one of these days. Maybe she'll think twice before invading his personal space so much! They are a hoot together though. I have visions of much love between them in the fingers are crossed.

Before we know it we'll be in for the four month check up and I'll be updating you on Drew once more. In the meantime I'll try to keep the pictures coming so you can enjoy the amazing changes in him with us!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Saturday, October 11, 2008

New Pics

Enjoy some new pictures. You'll notice that Derek isn't in any of them. He is still a member of the family. He's just been busy with football. I'll be sure to post some of those pictures soon! (sorry Derek)