Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Hanna (update)

Well we aren't posting from the hospital....good news.

Hanna lost another pound since last week Tuesday....NOT good news.

We are starting treatment for a parasite called Ghiardia. It's actually not a parasite but a protazoa (I think that's how it's spelled). We tested for parasites shortly after Hanna arrived from Ethiopia but nothing ever showed up. I remember lots of other families dealing with it themselves after traveling or with their kids coming home from Ethiopia. One of the things I remember people saying about it was that it sometimes took several tests for it to finally show up. I did a little checking into it again today and found that it can hang out in your guts without giving you symptoms until your immune system is overloaded and then it rears its ugly head again. Anyway, all this to say that Hanna is starting the treatment and the lab is running more specific checks for it as I type. Basically we're treating her for something we aren't sure if she has in hopes that she does. I never thought I would be hopeful of my child having a parasite!! At least it would be a reason for all of this and it's very treatable.

We find out this evening about the test for Ghiardia and we go back for another weight check Friday morning. We are stopping all dairy products to give more rest to her bowel. If she's lost more weight by Friday we'll need to revisit the IV nourishment.

Please pray that we figure out what's causing the problem. That Hanna will eat some of the non-dairy food options so she can maintain her weight or GAIN some back (the only things she's really been interested in are all dairy)and that she'll start to get some of her strength and energy back. It's very sad to see her with no song in her heart!

Thanks for your prayers!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008


You wouldn't guess it by this precious photo but our little lover boy has been a STINKER for two days now! He figured out how to roll over. He only practices this new trick in bed. He can't get back over once he rolls and he gets REALLY mad! He's a tummy sleeper so once he rolls onto his back he's like a bug with it's feet flailing in the air. It is cute to see but NOT cute when he does it in the middle of the night. I've gone in to roll him back a couple of times but have decided he's going to have to tough this one out. I refuse to "rescue" him every time he's between sleep cycles and decides it's play time. He's always put himself back to sleep in the night if he wakes up and he's just going to have to figure this new thing out.

Another milestone. Goes too fast.

Monday, December 29, 2008

A Beautiful Day on the Lake

I think if I owned a kayak, I'd go for a paddle on this beautiful day.


She is one tired little girl. She has been battling this "bug" for almost three weeks now. She has lost somewhere around 3 lbs. She's lost her "girlish" figure and is truly skin and bones. Worst of all (for all involved) was her visit last night to the ER. She even had the nurses choked up.

Here's what we were able to find out last night:
Toe poke: blood sugar was good
chest x-ray: lungs clear but noticed lots of air in abdomen
x-ray of abdomen: showed unusual amounts of stool+air in the colon
blood draw: normal white counts, normal iron, pretty much normal all around
FIVE tries at an IV plus two shots of lydacaine (not sure how to spell that)to try to numb the area. Ended up getting blood results back during the IV process and decided the IV for rehydration wasn't all that necessary. UGHHH.
Enema: yeah...we won't go there

We still don't really know why all that stool and air is just hanging out making her miserable. For some reason her bowel has taken a mini-vacation. What we do know is that even though a bird couldn't survive on what she has been eating and drinking, it is enough for her. Amazing. we try to give the bowel the break it wants and push the clear liquids and jello, applesauce, etc. And we wait and pray that she's back to herself SOON!

Monday, December 22, 2008


The Dave Thomas Foundation's "A Home for the Holidays" special is on Tuesday, December 23 at 8 p.m. on CBS. Dave Thomas was the founder of the Wendy's restaurant but he was also adopted and had an amazing heart for the hundreds of thousands of children in the U.S. foster care system. I hope you'll tune in tomorrow night!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Doo Man

As he is lovingly referred to at our house, "Doo Man" had his 4 month check up yesterday. He certainly isn't the "fat boy" we thought he was. The two chins are indeed deceiving. He weighed in at 15 lbs. 2 ounces and 25 1/4 inches long. Just for reference, Derek was 16# 7 oz. and Lukas was 17# 12oz. and both were 26 in.! I think Drew just prefers his sleep over eating. He sleeps between 10 and 12 hours at night! I still wake him up every 3 1/2 hours during the day otherwise I'm afraid he'll sleep through feedings. It's a good thing I have been waking him up or he might have wasted away and no one would have known. He's such a happy buddy. He's just so laid back and slightly "ofish" if you know what I a good way of course. He's just so loveable!!!

Friday, December 12, 2008

What did she say?

Before you play this, you should pause the music over to your right. Also, you should know that she is really saying "frog". This was too good not to post. I know it's a bit vulgar, but yet hilarious!

It's a.......

If you thought it was a baby, you have serious issues (Lindsay!!!). Although, I guess in a way it is a "baby" to the one inspecting all of it's parts in the picture. It's kind of like when new parents unwrap their baby and lovingly inspect each and every precious part.

The boys in this house are WIGGIN' and I'm not just talking about the little boys. Chris came home a little early from work yesterday just to pull the boys and their neighbor buddy ( they call him "Boss Hog".....think they watch a little too much Dukes of Hazard?...that's what happens when you purchase the box set of ALL THE SEASONS!!!) through the fields behind our house. We truly have the best place for a putzin' snowmobile. It sleeps in the "downstairs garage" where it is slightly warm and it has lots of space to roam in the AAA sod farm behind us. Chris was so excited when the owner of AAA said it would be ok with him if he rode in their fields!

I do think it's pretty cool. I know for certain there will be hours of fun between the boys and that snowmobile. Maybe mom will even give it a go!

Thursday, December 11, 2008


There is a surprise at the Slager house! Stay tuned. I'll fill you in on what it is very soon.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

When is Spring?

Hanna enjoyed about 5 minutes outside the other day, then she was "all done play snow!". She was not built for extremely cold weather. Apparently when all you carry on your body is skin and bones you are not very well insulated. Maybe we could invent a personal heater to wear inside of her snow clothes. It'd be worth a try.