Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Cumbersome Halo

This past Sunday morning was the boys' Christmas program at church. My parents arrived early to save us a seat toward the front. I was a little nervous about sitting in the front as our crew can be kind of like a three-ring circus at times. This is why we usually sit in the very back, quick exit with a smaller audience behind us. Anyway, I figured with one in nursery and two up front, we were good with four adults to one precious little girl. As it turns out, she really enjoyed watching the program and was very well behaved. Not the case with the two IN the program. Let me set the scene for you; The beautiful Christmas music is playing and the angelic children begin to file down the center aisle to the front of the church. The audience is craning and waving to their precious performers and the kids are all smiles and beaming with pride. Each child is dressed in his or her costume. Some are shepherds, some are wisemen, there's a Mary, a Joseph, several animals and of course the angels. Derek was chosen to be an angel and Lukas was a donkey (I know, hilarious). The kids all make it up to the front and all eyes are on them. I was video taping the moment. Suddenly, (you know how it goes with the "great company of heavenly hosts" and all that) our little "heavenly host" (that would be Derek) rips the halo off his head and drops it on the floor. I was slightly embarrassed until the rest of the boys in his grade, who were all angels too, followed suit and tossed their halos as well! At this point I was horrified! Not only did my kid just demonstrate that he thinks he is far too cool for a halo, he brought 4 other boys down with him. Oh how prickly I felt for the remainder of the service. During the finale I was also very excited (read with much sarcasm)to notice that Lukas, the donkey, was the only animal without his ears on; another one bites the dust. I would say that the leadership skills are down pat, now we just need to work on making it positive leadership!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Just an FYI

This Wednesday night is the annual Home for the Holidays special put on by the Dave Thomas foundation. Thought you might like to check it out. You can read more about it HERE.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Happy #7 Lukas!

Lukas got his best birthday gift this morning: a snow day! The unexpected gifts are always so great! He did have to reschedule bringing his birthday treat and having a special play date after school but maybe it will feel like his birthday just keeps going on and on. That can't be all bad!
Lukas has chosen to have pizza with Coca Cola (mom's fav. too!) for his birthday supper and then chocolate cake with ice cream for dessert. We made cupcakes for school and for another party on Sunday. I'll post later with pictures of his present. He's going to be so geeked!
Seven words to describe Lukas are:

Happy birthday Lukas Jay! I can't believe you are seven today. You are still our Woogie Boy though. You're such a sweet boy and you always keep us laughing. We love you VERY much!